“Water is the driving force of all nature” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Such is the essence of team Vepo, who, with their awareness and expertise undertake working with water, to give a further impetus to their desire to grow, nurture and nourish the environment we live in…..with all ingredients of creativity, technology and logical thought, the catalyst for growth of this organization is water in its ‘live’ form.

Roben Dass
Chairman & Managing Director
Koochie Play Systems and Vepo

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director at Koochieplay Systems International, a multinational conglomerate that has today, spanned four continents and nine countries.

KPS Pvt Ltd has its own infrastructure spanning SEVENTEEN LOCATIONS WORLDWIDE, in France [Paris], Australia [Sydney], HongKong, India [located in nine cities, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Ahemedabad, Kolkata and Hyderabad], UAE [Dubai], Thailand [Hua-Hin], Philippines [Manila], Lebanon [Beirut], Netherlands {Rotterdam] & Morocco [Casablanca].

KOOCHIE as a brand, has virtually revolutionised the Landscape industry in India by bringing out innovative, world class, safe Outdoor Playground, Outdoor Fitness & Safety Flooring Industry since its inception in 2006. The company’s products are today widely sold and used extensively in many countries besides being the most specified and trusted brand amongst leading landscape consultants and architects. In constant pursuance of excellence KOOCHIE keeps re engineering its product offerings on a yearly basis [we now offer our sixth generation products].

KOOCHIE is the only brand on the Indian Sub Continent to have had its products tested and certified to meet Europe & Australia / New Zealand’s highest safety standards i.e the EN1176, EN1177, AS4685 & the NZ4486 certifications. We have recently received the DIN79000 certification for our fitness range making us part of a very elite club globally.

Ambika Govind
CEO – Vepo

Ambika, having worked as an architect, interior designer, landscapist, and waterscapist, on projects large and small, brings with her a sound industry experience of 14+ years. She is the primary driving force behind the waterscape design and development vertical of Koochie Play Systems.

An ambitious, creative and dedicated design professional, eager in a creative environment with experiential training and formulation for water design.

Ambika’s environmental ethic compels the integration of technology with waterscapes from their earliest conception. The values of sustainability guide her decisions from site plan to reticulation layouts that culminate in a superlative product.

Over time, her focus on conservation energy has broadened into a concern for the environmental and public health consequences of development and architectural design decisions.

Ambika sees sustainability, as a good design, not a fad or a point system.
With these core values as the basis, she has structured the office to maintain a personal yet craftsman-like connection throughout the course of design and construction. She believes in literally ‘listening’ carefully to the client and their needs. Respecting traditions yet being able to address each project freshly in its own right and providing a practical solution using cutting-edge building technology and design management, is the essence of her work.